Welcome Back, Paul.


Inertia is celebrating it's twelfth birthday this month. As we've reported before in this blog, Inertia was founded by Trent Letwiniuk, Stephen Barnecut and Paul Shannon back in aught six. We worked out of our houses at first, then into one basement, and another, and then teamed up to share office space with Casola Koppe Architects. In fact, Paul has spent the last five years with Casola Koppe learning about how to bring large residential projects off the spreadsheet and into reality.

We're very excited to announce that Paul has returned to Inertia, and has taken up the role of Senior Project Manager. Paul is now running Inertia and Gravity's larger and more complex projects.

Paul completed the Architectural Technology program in conjunction with the Co-operative Education Program at Fanshawe College in Ontario in 1999. The Co-operative Education included one semester per year of on-site work experience, which put his theory into practice. Upon graduation, Paul moved to Calgary and soon began at Calbridge Fine Homes as their sole designer/draftsman and product developer, working on mostly custom homes and small multi-family projects. In the Fall of 2003, Paul moved to Jager and AlanRidge Homes as the Senior AlanRidge Designer and member of the product development team. At Jager and AlanRidge, Paul worked one-on-one with clients and was able to further hone his skills in the custom and estate home market. In the Spring of 2006, Paul left Jager and AlanRidge to co-found Inertia Corporation where he managed his own group of clients.

In 2009 Paul took a hiatus from Inertia to work at Robert Pashuk Architecture and pursue the RAIC Syllabus program. After spending a year and a half back at Inertia, Paul then took a role as Senior Architectural Technologist at Casola Koppe Architecture where he continued to work on larger multi-residential projects. He returned to Inertia and Gravity at the beginning of 2018 in the role of Senior Project Manager.

We're happy to have you back, Paul.

Welcome Harvey Hibo


We're happy to announce that Harvey Hibo has joined the team at Inertia and Gravity!

Harvey received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Toronto in 2003. He has since worked with a variety of design firms and developers, closely involved in aspects of architectural service ranging from evaluation, planning and design. Harvey is registered as an Intern Architect with the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA).

Harvey brings 15 years of experience in the field of technical, construction drawings and contract administration with strong background in institutional, recreation, commercial and community projects involving master planning design and processing contract documents. Harvey provides value to Gravity and Inertia's clients through his design innovation and process efficiency.

We're happy to have you, Harvey!

Kathryn Thorkildsen Joins the Inertia and Gravity Team


Late last year, Kathryn Thorkildsen joined the team at Inertia and Gravity.

From Frank Lloyd Wright to Frank Gehry, Kathryn has always had an appreciation for all styles and methods of architecture and knew from a young age that she would have a career in the industry. In 2003 she graduated from the Architectural Technologies program at SAIT and has since had a primary focus in Single Family Residential.

Kicking off her career working for Evans 2 Design Group doing architectural controls, Kat moved on to work with Jackson Baker McCormick Design Group. There she managed her projects in all aspects including the creation of detailed construction drawings, product research, permits, and working with each trades to ensure the end result met or exceeded expectations. As a member of the innovative product development team at Albi Homes she honed in on her love for design, and her team was rewarded with multiple Regional and National SAM awards. Bringing both her technical skills and her passion for design, Kat joined Inertia and Gravity in the fall of 2017 and is a welcome addition to our team.

Welcome Kathryn!

Inertia and Gravity Welcome Sadaf Rabbani

Inertia is happy to announce that Sadaf Rabbani has joined our team.

Sadaf received a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Tehran, Iran, in 2008. During and after graduation, Sadaf worked for three years as an architectural designer in an architectural firm, where she gained design experience in several residential projects ranging from single family to multi-residential buildings. 

After moving to Canada, Sadaf started her Master of Architecture study at the University of Calgary, and received her degree in 2014. Following that, she started working as an intern architect at IBI Group, where she was involved in several projects ranging from commercial to residential buildings. Sadaf has gained experience in different stages of the design process including programming, schematic design, design development, building code review, construction documentation, and construction administration. To extend her knowledge into more detailed aspects of residential buildings, Sadaf joined Inertia Corporation in March 2017. 

Nooshin Esmaeili Joins Inertia and Gravity

We've very happy to have Nooshin Esmaeili with us at Inertia and Gravity.

Nooshin received her Masters of Architecture from the University of Calgary in 2012. Soon after graduation she became registered as an Intern Architect with the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA).

Prior to joining Inertia Corporation in 2017, Nooshin was involved in various industrial, commercial and healthcare projects at Amec Foster Wheeler and at Stantec. She gained extensive knowledge in different phases of the architectural process including design, contract administration and project management.

Welcome to the team, Nooshin!

Jason Glasser Joins the Inertia Team


With Inertia's growth, and the creation of Gravity Architecture, we saw the need to bring on a professional project manager to ensure that every job we work on proceeds as smoothly as possible and that very little falls through the cracks. We met Jason in December of 2016 and were able to bring him on board at the beginning of January this year.

Jason brings more than 20 years of industry experience. He started ‘on the tools’ as a framer and HVAC installer while attending Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. After graduation, Jason worked at small architectural firms working on institutional and commercial projects in Ontario, and then transitioned to Calgary as a Senior Architectural Technologist and job captain on large scale institutional projects. More recently, Jason had the role of Project manager and Contract Administrator working for architectural firms such as Kasian Architecture, Sahuri + Partners, and the Calgary Airport Authority. 

We've very happy to have Jason on the Inertia and Gravity teams.

Welcome Kerri Hallman

We're pleased to announce that Kerri Hallman has joined our team at Inertia and Gravity.

Kerri comes to Inertia Corporation with 20+ years’ experience in the architecture industry. Kerri graduated on the Dean’s List from 3 year Architectural Technologies program at St. Clair College of Applied Arts & Technologies in Windsor, Ontario. Her first job was with a small firm in Victoria, B.C. and upon moving back to Calgary she has worked with Cohos Evamy Partners (Dialog), Riddell Kuczaba Architecture, Poon McKenzie Architects (NORR) and Sahuri + Partners.

We're very happy to have Kerri on our team!

San Mateo Highlands

Joseph Eichler built iconic Mid-century Modern houses in California in the 1950s and 1960s. While he built over 11,000 houses over his career, the The Highlands of San Mateo, California is the largest contiguous development of Eichler homes. This past weekend, we had a chance to visit eleven of the approximately 700 Eichlers in the Highlands, as well as one in nearby Burlingame. We'll revisit most of them individually in this blog, but we wanted to begin with a gallery of houses that were not on the tour just so you can become familiar with the context of this unique late 1950s communities.

Pre Paint

The Brideland House was getting ready for interior painting last week. The windows were masked, the flooring was covered, and the heaters were running. Those oriented strand board sheets aren't part of the look; those are temporary guards standing in for the glass ones that will be installed later. The glass guards will be set into the aluminum shoe that you see in these pictures, and that shoe will be clad in black metal to match the stringers. A black handrail will be affixed to directly to the glass. (Those spruce steps are temporary as well!)

The exterior is also being worked on this week: black Longboard is being installed. We'll get some pictures posted here as soon as we can get them.