Trent Letwiniuk


As managing partner, Trent is responsible for Inertia's client relationships and the company's day-to-day operations. He is an accomplished residential designer with over sixteen years of experience in urban, suburban and estate contexts.

Trent completed SAIT’s Architectural Technology program in 2000, which included a one-month work practicum at Sturgess Architecture. Upon graduation, Trent took a role as the Senior Technologist for Alloy Homes Inc. of Calgary. In the winter for 2003, Trent moved to Jager and AlanRidge Homes as a designer. Trent’s proficiency at residential design and ease with working with clients allowed him to quickly attain the title of Senior Designer. He remained an employee at Jager and AlanRidge until he co-founded Inertia Corporation in the spring of 2006.

Trent has since been been the lead designer and project manager for all forms of residential design projects ranging in size from garage suites to multi-residential buildings. He is familiar with the processes and Bylaws of all local jurisdictions, and is a strong advocate for our clients’ projects throughout the permitting process.

Trent co-founded Gravity Architecture in 2014.


Stephen Barnecut Architect AAA


Stephen is a graduate of the University of Calgary’s Masters of Architecture Program. This program extended his knowledge of traditional architecture and taught him the fundamentals of modern architecture. It involved training in classroom and studio settings, as well as coursework in Edmonton and Barcelona, Spain. Upon graduation in 1999, he was keen to make his mark in the Calgary residential market and joined forces with a pair of like-minded partners to form Alloy Homes Inc.

Stephen’s tenure at Jager and AlanRidge Homes began in 2003 when he became Design Manager for Jager Homes. Within two months he was given the task of managing product development and design production for AlanRidge Homes as well. Stephen’s knowledge of AutoCAD allowed him to rebuild the companies’ standard models so that they were much more efficient to work with.

Looking for a tool to reduce design errors and improve efficiency, Stephen discovered AutoDesk Revit. Deciding that this was going to be a great platform to base a new design business on, in the spring of 2006 Stephen left Jager and AlanRidge to co-found Inertia Corporation.  Stephen has since been a strong proponent of Revit and has helped implement it at a number of firms.

Since 2008, Stephen has been a member of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association - Calgary Region’s Inner City Builder’s Committee, which has focused on design and construction issues specific to Calgary’s inner city development. Stephen was also an industry stakeholder in the rewrite of the Calgary Land Use Bylaw in 2007, and later a member of the City of Calgary’s Land Use Bylaw Sustainment Team Advisory Committee. In this role, Stephen helped City staff understand how City policy impacts design and development, as well as helped craft revisions to improve the Land Use Bylaw. Stephen was an influential proponent of attached housing which reached fruition in the creation of the R-CG district in 2015 that allowed for rowhouses in Calgary’s inner city.

From 2010 to 2014, Stephen Barnecut assisted Jayman in the role of Director, Product Development. In addition to his role as an Architect, Stephen is now responsible for Inertia’s business development, administration and human resources.

Stephen co-founded Gravity Architecture in 2014.


Tom Jenson

Lead Technologist

With over 10 years experience in Calgary’s residential design industry, Tom has been involved in every stage of the design process: from conceptual design, to development permit drawings, through to fully detailed construction plans for building permit. Tom is well-versed in Calgary’s Land Use Bylaw as well as the Alberta Building Code. He’s also experienced in navigating the City of Calgary’s development permit application processes and well-equipped to find solutions to satisfy client requests with City requirements and community desires.

After graduating from SAIT’s Architectural Technology program in 2005, Tom found himself designing and drafting for a few of Calgary’s suburban builders. At Cardel Homes he quickly became their top-producing draftsperson during Calgary’s housing boom of 2008, and volunteered for the role of Editor/Designer of the Cardel Quarterly newsletter. In addition to his formal AutoCAD training at SAIT, he has become proficient with PowerCADD, SoftPlan, and Revit. Tom joined Inertia Corporation as the company's first employee in the fall of 2009. During his tenure at Inertia, he has designed and drafted countless projects, ranging from single-family infills to multi-family complexes. As Inertia's lead/senior technologist, Tom reviews all permit drawings and oversees the office's BIM/drafting standards.


Trishuda Jain


Trishuda completed an Architectural Assistantship program in 2000 from India. She started her career with Kalpakriti Consultants where she gained experience in residential planning and interior design. Later, she got an independent opportunity for designing various oil and gas stations in Northern India. In 2005, she joined the municipal urban planning department where she contributed her experience on city wide projects. During this period of time she worked on Autocad, ADT and Revit.

After coming to Canada, Trishuda started her career as a technologist with Genesis Builders Group where she gained experience in the residential suburban housing market. Since 2010 Trishuda has been an integral team member of Inertia Corporation.


Kerri Hallman


Kerri comes to Inertia Corporation with 20+ years’ experience in the architecture industry. Kerri graduated on the Dean’s List from 3 year Architectural Technologies program at St. Clair College of Applied Arts & Technologies in Windsor, Ontario. Her first job was with a small firm in Victoria, B.C. and upon moving back to Calgary she has worked with Cohos Evamy Partners (Dialog), Riddell Kuczaba Architecture, Poon McKenzie Architects (NORR) and Sahuri + Partners. Additionally she has done work on her own as a contractor to other consultants while running her own business.

Kerri has an extensive background in commercial, industrial, institutional, hospitality and multi-family with a knowledge base in wood frame, steel and concrete construction. Additionally Kerri has a strong knowledge of the Building Code, barrier free design, and building envelope requirements. Over her time as a technologist Kerri has worked with AutoCAD, ADT, and has added Revit to these skills. 

Kerri has been fortunate to work with the teams responsible for Cave & Basin Renewal project in Banff, Alberta, and the LEED Silver Certified Chinook High School & Public Library in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Kerri joined the team at Inertia Corporation in 2016.


Rex Calderon


Rex received his Bachelor of Science, Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila in 1996. He has since worked as a draftsperson and architect for a number of firms in the Philippines and Canada. Rex is a skilled user of Sketchup, AutoCAD, Revit Architecture and Adobe’s Creative Suite. He also has experience in flipping burgers, serving meatballs, prepping function rooms and shrink-wrapping pallets. He has been a part of the team at Inertia Corporation since 2013.


Angeli Canobas


Angeli joined Inertia Corporation in the summer of 2014 one month after completing her diploma in Architectural Technology from SAIT Polytechnic. During this program, she obtained skills in using SketchUp, AutoCAD and Revit. Since becoming a part of the Inertia team, Angeli quickly developed her residential design skills and her facility using Revit. She has also become very experienced with Calgary’s Land Use Bylaw and the Alberta Building Code. Angeli has successfully completed numerous Development Permit and Building Permit drawings for projects ranging from single family houses to medium-sized multi-residential buildings. 


Christopher Fedyna


Chris completed his Architectural Technology Diploma from SAIT Polytechnic in 2014. Before Chris explored his love of architecture and design he spent six years as a red seal automotive painter where he developed a keen eye for color and a deep understanding of mechanical systems. 

One of Chris’s notable accomplishments during his time at SAIT was winning the CHBA Student House Design Competition—being the first time a winner was picked unanimously among 13 judges. This win earned Chris a position at Crystal Creek Homes where he focused on designing home renovations and additions.

Chris’s passion for residential design, functionality and modern architecture led him to Inertia Corporation in 2014. Chris is now expending his capabilities as a designer and draftsperson using Revit.


Sadaf Rabbani

Intern Architect

Sadaf received a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Tehran, Iran, in 2008. During and after graduation, Sadaf worked for three years as an architectural designer in an architectural firm, where she gained design experience in several residential projects ranging from single family to multi-residential buildings. 

After moving to Canada, Sadaf started her Master of Architecture study at the University of Calgary, and received her degree in 2014. Following that, she started working as an intern architect at IBI Group, where she was involved in several projects ranging from commercial to residential buildings. Sadaf has gained experience in different stages of the design process including programming, schematic design, design development, building code review, construction documentation, and construction administration. To extend her knowledge into more detailed aspects of residential buildings, Sadaf joined Inertia Corporation in March 2017. 


Nooshin Esmaeili

Intern Architect

Nooshin received her Masters of Architecture from the University of Calgary in 2012. Soon after graduation she became registered as an Intern Architect with the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA). 
Prior to joining Inertia Corporation in 2017, Nooshin was involved in various industrial, commercial and healthcare projects at Amec Foster Wheeler and at Stantec. She gained extensive knowledge in different phases of the architectural process including design, contract administration and project management. Nooshin enjoys crafting, decorating and playing with colours which has lead her to interest in graphic and interior design. Nooshin is a LEED Green Associate.
Nooshin has passion for yoga and meditation. She received her yoga certificate in 2016 and is hoping to open her own studio one day.