Welcome Back, Paul.


Inertia is celebrating it's twelfth birthday this month. As we've reported before in this blog, Inertia was founded by Trent Letwiniuk, Stephen Barnecut and Paul Shannon back in aught six. We worked out of our houses at first, then into one basement, and another, and then teamed up to share office space with Casola Koppe Architects. In fact, Paul has spent the last five years with Casola Koppe learning about how to bring large residential projects off the spreadsheet and into reality.

We're very excited to announce that Paul has returned to Inertia, and has taken up the role of Senior Project Manager. Paul is now running Inertia and Gravity's larger and more complex projects.

Paul completed the Architectural Technology program in conjunction with the Co-operative Education Program at Fanshawe College in Ontario in 1999. The Co-operative Education included one semester per year of on-site work experience, which put his theory into practice. Upon graduation, Paul moved to Calgary and soon began at Calbridge Fine Homes as their sole designer/draftsman and product developer, working on mostly custom homes and small multi-family projects. In the Fall of 2003, Paul moved to Jager and AlanRidge Homes as the Senior AlanRidge Designer and member of the product development team. At Jager and AlanRidge, Paul worked one-on-one with clients and was able to further hone his skills in the custom and estate home market. In the Spring of 2006, Paul left Jager and AlanRidge to co-found Inertia Corporation where he managed his own group of clients.

In 2009 Paul took a hiatus from Inertia to work at Robert Pashuk Architecture and pursue the RAIC Syllabus program. After spending a year and a half back at Inertia, Paul then took a role as Senior Architectural Technologist at Casola Koppe Architecture where he continued to work on larger multi-residential projects. He returned to Inertia and Gravity at the beginning of 2018 in the role of Senior Project Manager.

We're happy to have you back, Paul.

Ten Years of Inertia!

Ten years ago today, Trent Letwiniuk, Stephen Barnecut and Paul Shannon met for breakfast and decided to go to the registry office before the end of the day and start a partnership. It didn't take long for us to become incorporated and grow out of working from our homes. We joined forces for a while with a number of small design firms including Casola Koppe Architects (where Paul is currently plying his skills).

More recently, Inertia has doubled the size of our office, increased our staff to eight, and started a sister company called Gravity Architecture which specializes in multi-residential and mixed use projects.

We're looking forward to the next ten years!

Welcome Back, Paul

Paul Shannon, one of the co-founders of Inertia Corporation, has returned to Inertia in the position of Design Manager. His first day back is today.

We’re very excited to be working with Paul again!