Stephen Barnecut, Architect AAA

Director and Cofounder

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Stephen is a graduate of the University of Calgary’s Masters of Architecture Program. This program extended his knowledge of traditional architecture and taught him the fundamentals of modern architecture. It involved training in classroom and studio settings, as well as coursework in Edmonton and Barcelona, Spain. Upon graduation in 1999, he was keen to make his mark in the Calgary residential market and joined forces with a pair of like-minded partners to form Alloy Homes Inc.

Stephen’s tenure at Jager and AlanRidge Homes began in 2003 when he became Design Manager for Jager Homes. Within two months he was given the task of managing product development and design production for AlanRidge Homes as well. Stephen’s knowledge of AutoCAD allowed him to rebuild the companies’ standard models so that they were much more efficient to work with.

Looking for a tool to reduce design errors and improve efficiency, Stephen discovered AutoDesk Revit. Deciding that this was going to be a great platform to base a new design business on, in the spring of 2006 Stephen left Jager and AlanRidge to co-found Inertia Corporation.  Stephen has since been a strong proponent of Revit and has helped implement it at a number of firms.

Since 2008, Stephen has been a member of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association - Calgary Region’s Inner City Builder’s Committee, which has focused on design and construction issues specific to Calgary’s inner city development. Stephen was also an industry stakeholder in the rewrite of the Calgary Land Use Bylaw in 2007, and later a member of the City of Calgary’s Land Use Bylaw Sustainment Team Advisory Committee. In this role, Stephen helped City staff understand how City policy impacts design and development, as well as helped craft revisions to improve the Land Use Bylaw. Stephen was an influential proponent of attached housing which reached fruition in the creation of the R-CG district in 2015 that allowed for rowhouses in Calgary’s inner city.

From 2010 to 2014, Stephen Barnecut assisted Jayman in the role of Director, Product Development. In addition to his role as an Architect, Stephen is now responsible for Inertia’s business development, administration and human resources.

Stephen co-founded Gravity Architecture in 2014.