Wildwood House Design by Inertia Corporation Photo by Gary Campbell

Wildwood House
Design by Inertia Corporation
Photo by Gary Campbell

Inertia Residential Design is a Calgary-based design, drafting and consulting company founded in 2006. Focused on innovative and thoughtful design, we work with homeowners, builders, developers, sub-consultants and local authorities to help our clients realize their unique building projects.

We are a full-service design firm dedicated to finding the best design solutions and producing thorough construction drawings. We guide you through the design process and help you visualize your project using industry-leading 3D design software.

Inertia’s goal is to add value to your project. Working in 3D helps our clients visualize their design while minimizing potentially expensive errors during construction. Inertia's good design is a key part of marketing which promotes quicker sales resulting in homeowner satisfaction.

Our stylistic range is wide. We can generate contemporary designs suited to urban markets, or satisfy the most stringent of architectural controls in a new development.

Inertia’s deliverables typically are Development Permit and Building Permit drawings, however we can also prepare marketing drawings and renderings for the projects we work on.

To find out how we can help you realize your upcoming project, do not hesitate to contact us.