Gord Alexander Joins Inertia

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Inertia welcomes Gord Alexander to the team!

Upon graduating from SAIT Polytechnic’s Architectural Technologies program in 2003, Gord began his career at Cutforth Technologists where he focused on completing plans for hotels all over rural Alberta as well as custom summer homes at some of our popular lake communities.

Gord then moved into the residential world full time when he started at Albi Homes where he did all aspects of design from custom homes, site construction supervision, and management . As part of the product development team they were the recipients of several local and national SAM awards for design excellence. During his time here, Gord also completed the Lean Construction Program which focuses on customer value, construction and design efficiencies, as well as improved process flow and a minimization of waste. It is these principles that Gord is mindful of when designing any new residential project.

Gord has spent time getting builders like Homes by Dream up and running by helping set up design software and procedures as well as providing several new house models with everything from cozy starter homes to move up models and Estate homes. 

Inertia’s commitment to urbanization through bold and striking architecture is what made Gord most excited about joining the Inertia team.

Welcome Gord!

Inertia Welcomes Marcella Borrelli

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We're very happy that Marcella Borrelli has joined our team at Inertia!

Marcella graduated from SAIT Polytechnic in 2011 with a diploma in Architectural Technology. Throughout her education and early career, she has developed many valuable skills including a working knowledge of AutoCAD, Revit, and best construction practices.

After graduating she worked at a small custom firm PDW Design, gaining knowledge in completing as-builts, and creating construction drawings for both residential and commercial spaces. From there she obtained a position at Excel Homes, where she became a member of the production team. In 2014 she made the move to the custom home world at Phase One Design, where she managed many projects, completing construction drawings, growing her design skills and knowledge of many municipalities Land Use Bylaw in Alberta and BC. In her spare time Marcella enjoys exploring her love of cooking for friends and family as well as indulging in her love for live music by attending many local shows. She enjoys giving back to the community as is actively involved with volunteering and organizing many local charity events.

Welcome Marcella!

Jenson Advocates Diversity in East Village

While most of us know Tom Jenson as the Lead Technologist here at Inertia and Gravity, as well as being a student of architecture at the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary, Tom is also the director of the planning committee for the East Village Neighbourhood Association (EVNA).

In a recent article in the Calgary Real Estate Board’s blog, Tom discusses how Calgary’s East Village needs, and is achieving, diversity in its population to attract the services the community requires.

Tom says that the “EVNA wants to ensure there are affordable places to live in our community for everyone, from the retail clerks in our local shops and cafes to the oil executives working in our neighbouring office towers.”

We appreciate the work Tom is doing in all of his roles toward making Calgary a better place to live.

Image from CREB article, originally courtesy Calgary Municipal Land Corp.

Image from CREB article, originally courtesy Calgary Municipal Land Corp.

Yvette Perot Earns CCCA Designation

Yvette Perot, our Contract and Construction Administrator, has just earned her designation as Certified Construction Contract Administrator.

As prerequisites of this designation, Yvette is a member of Construction Specifications Canada and has successfully completed the Principles of Construction Documentation and Construction Contract Administration course. Yvette also has well over the minimum of five years experience in the administration of construction contracts.

More information about this designation is available here. Congratulations Yvette!

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Paul Mowat Joins Inertia and Gravity


Paul Mowat has had a well established career in Calgary as an architectural contractor. We’re happy to announce that he has chosen join the team here at Inertia and Gravity.

Paul has over twenty years of experience on a wide range of projects from multi-family, long term care and independent living facilities, low-to-mid rise buildings, commercial, institutional, correctional and custom house design and detailing. His primary focus is on detailing the sequencing of building materials, the building envelope design and barrier membrane continuity and integrity.

In addition, Paul also has extensive contract administration experience having managed building phases 1, 2 & 3 of a long term care and independent living facility in Evanston, Calgary. During the three years on this site he used his expertise in building design to provide guidance to the site supervisor and sub-trades to successfully execute the contract documentation. This was achieved while maintaining quality control and remaining on budget and on time.

In his spare time Paul likes to build rustic custom furniture, barn doors.

Welcome Paul!

Welcome Aboard Amy Ford


Amy Ford has joined the team at Inertia and Gravity!

Amy started her career working for Omega Partnership in the United Kingdom as an RIBA Architectural Assistant, working on residential projects for many different housing developers. Whilst working at this firm, Amy completed her BA(Hons) degree in Architecture from Kingston University in 2014. Throughout her 14 years at Omega, Amy worked on single family house design, multi-family developments, listed building applications and masterplan design. 

Amy left to gain more construction experience and started work for Thames Design and Build as a Design Manager, taking projects from initial conceptual design, development and building permit application through to on-site project and site management. Here she worked on custom home design, interior design and additions. 

Amy’s passion for skiing and winter sports brought her to Canada in 2016. Her first role was with Home by Avi Urban as an Architectural Designer working for Multi-family projects. Amy then took a position at Envision Custom Renovations where she was responsible for interior design, additions, specifications and selections.

Welcome Amy!

Anthony Pienkos Joins Our Team

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We're pleased to inform you that Anthony Pienkos is now on the Inertia and Gravity team.

Anthony Completed his Architectural Technologies diploma in 2016 From SAIT in Calgary. Prior to discovering his love of architecture, Anthony studied Anthropology at MRU and installed modular partitions from suppliers such as DIRTT and Teknion on notable projects including Norman Foster’s Bow Building and the University of Calgary.

Anthony comes to us from DIALOG in Vancouver, where he worked as a contract administrator assistant for the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Westbank and DIALOG Joint Highrise Project known as Vancouver House which was awarded “Future Building of the year 2015” by the World Architecture Festival. During his time at DIALOG, Anthony was also able to become a Canadian BIM Council certified P2 BIM coordinator. 

Not only is Anthony a competent Revit user but he is also well versed in design and visualization Software such as Lumion, Sketchup, Adobe Creative Suite and 3DS Max as well. He also has experience using BIM software such as Navisworks, 360 BIM glue and Revit Live.

Welcome aboard, Anthony!

Villa Savoye

Inertia's Lead Technologist, Tom Jenson, recently visited Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier. He observed that it “was definitely noteworthy, not because of the hype but because it remains a very unique building, even if it’s dated and missing features of today’s residential expectations.” The residence is located in a densely treed location just outside of Paris in Poissy, France.

Villa Savoye, Photo by Tom Jenson


Better known by his pseudonym Le Corbusier, the Swiss born Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (1887–1965) used his "Five Points of Architecture" to design Villa Savoye in the late 1920s. The five points are distilled in the design through the elevation of the building on a grid of support columns, thereby decreasing the structural restrictions on of the design and allowing for horizontal windows along the entire wall of an exterior façade and interior walls to be placed freely. Satisfying the fifth point, the flat roof has a garden that serves both the personal enjoyment of the residents as well as protects the building from the elements. It's easy to see this house as a precursor to the 'open concept' designs that would dominate suburban housing eighty years later.



Unfortunately, aesthetics trumped practicality and with the lack of downspouts and sills, the owners only lived in their home for a few years before it needed significant repairs. They abandoned it during World War II, after which is was occupied by the Germans and then the Americans, each causing further deterioration. Expropriated by the town of Poissy in 1958, it would have been demolished save for the protest of architects including Le Corbusier himself. Restoration was completed in 1997 and the house is now open to the public.


The ground level of the house originally housed the chauffeur's and maid's rooms. The main floor also features a rather prominently located pedestal sink! Up the ramp or stairs to the second level reveals the kitchen, terraces and three bedrooms. Up one more level is the rooftop garden which has a view of the entire solarium and ramp. The living space has an impressively sized sliding door out to the terrace, while the ensuite sports a unique tiled tub and chaise longues combination.

Gardener's House

Though the main residence receives most of the historical attention, Tom was quite interested in the lesser known building on the site known as the Gardener's House. Unfortunately, this surprisingly colourful building was not open to the public during his visit, but Tom managed to snap a couple of exterior photos for us. 

Tom Jenson at Villa Savoye

Tom Jenson at Villa Savoye

All the images in this post are courtesy of Tom Jenson.

Stanley Drive House Nearing Completion

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2018 07 10 - Site Visit  - 11 Adjusted.jpg
2018 07 10 - Site Visit  - 10 Adjusted.jpg

Last night we had the opportunity to visit our Stanley Drive house as it is nearing completion. This house features a window wall as wide as the house with spectacular downtown views over Stanley Park. The master bath has a very well executed seamless skylight that drenches the shower in sunlight. We can't wait to see it once it's finished!

R-CG Rowhouse Collaboration with RNDSQR

We've been working with RNDSQR to design a number of townhouse projects that take advantage of Calgary's R-CG district. In collaboration with Turbulentarch, we prepared renderings for most of these projects, and we are pleased to share them here.




This project in Richmond has two units that face the street and two that face the avenue. The dual-orientation of the building offers an intriguing new perspective to the typical rowhouse massing, breaking it up the volume of the building and giving interest to each of the street facades. Additionally, the building is designed to soften the distinction between the individual units so the composition of the building as whole is what stands out. 




This four-unit project in Altadore, like KL26,  has two units facing the street and two units facing the avenue. The material palette includes black vertical corrugated metal, white stucco and natural cedar in a chevron pattern. The broken-up massing and high-quality materials help make this project fit well within the surrounding neighbourhood.




Also in Altadore, this four unit project faces 16th Street SW. The vertical cedar screen is flush to the parapet but has a variegated lower edge that gives the facade an organic, playful feel.




This project is on an unusual site facing 5th Street SW, but rather than having a rear lane, it has a lane along the side of the building. Because this put the garages along one side, we configured the entries along a common walkway along the other. While the walkway is at grade, it isn't on the ground. The lower level of CB05 extends past the main entry walls and under the walkway, giving the residents a large flex space that could be used as a third bedroom or a lower entertaining space. This space is daylit by a long window well that extends almost the entire depth of the property. Privacy from busy 5th Street is achieved in part with brick screens that obscure views but allow light to filter both in and out of the unit.




In Richmond, a stone's throw away from the Marda Loop commercial district, this four-unit rowhouse building features glazed lofts, and distinct unit facades textured with stone, stucco and cedar. With raked windows and large sliding patio doors, the loft area becomes a large indoor/outdoor space.

Welcome Back, Paul.


Inertia is celebrating it's twelfth birthday this month. As we've reported before in this blog, Inertia was founded by Trent Letwiniuk, Stephen Barnecut and Paul Shannon back in aught six. We worked out of our houses at first, then into one basement, and another, and then teamed up to share office space with Casola Koppe Architects. In fact, Paul has spent the last five years with Casola Koppe learning about how to bring large residential projects off the spreadsheet and into reality.

We're very excited to announce that Paul has returned to Inertia, and has taken up the role of Senior Project Manager. Paul is now running Inertia and Gravity's larger and more complex projects.

Paul completed the Architectural Technology program in conjunction with the Co-operative Education Program at Fanshawe College in Ontario in 1999. The Co-operative Education included one semester per year of on-site work experience, which put his theory into practice. Upon graduation, Paul moved to Calgary and soon began at Calbridge Fine Homes as their sole designer/draftsman and product developer, working on mostly custom homes and small multi-family projects. In the Fall of 2003, Paul moved to Jager and AlanRidge Homes as the Senior AlanRidge Designer and member of the product development team. At Jager and AlanRidge, Paul worked one-on-one with clients and was able to further hone his skills in the custom and estate home market. In the Spring of 2006, Paul left Jager and AlanRidge to co-found Inertia Corporation where he managed his own group of clients.

In 2009 Paul took a hiatus from Inertia to work at Robert Pashuk Architecture and pursue the RAIC Syllabus program. After spending a year and a half back at Inertia, Paul then took a role as Senior Architectural Technologist at Casola Koppe Architecture where he continued to work on larger multi-residential projects. He returned to Inertia and Gravity at the beginning of 2018 in the role of Senior Project Manager.

We're happy to have you back, Paul.

Welcome Harvey Hibo


We're happy to announce that Harvey Hibo has joined the team at Inertia and Gravity!

Harvey received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Toronto in 2003. He has since worked with a variety of design firms and developers, closely involved in aspects of architectural service ranging from evaluation, planning and design. Harvey is registered as an Intern Architect with the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA).

Harvey brings 15 years of experience in the field of technical, construction drawings and contract administration with strong background in institutional, recreation, commercial and community projects involving master planning design and processing contract documents. Harvey provides value to Gravity and Inertia's clients through his design innovation and process efficiency.

We're happy to have you, Harvey!

Kathryn Thorkildsen Joins the Inertia and Gravity Team


Late last year, Kathryn Thorkildsen joined the team at Inertia and Gravity.

From Frank Lloyd Wright to Frank Gehry, Kathryn has always had an appreciation for all styles and methods of architecture and knew from a young age that she would have a career in the industry. In 2003 she graduated from the Architectural Technologies program at SAIT and has since had a primary focus in Single Family Residential.

Kicking off her career working for Evans 2 Design Group doing architectural controls, Kat moved on to work with Jackson Baker McCormick Design Group. There she managed her projects in all aspects including the creation of detailed construction drawings, product research, permits, and working with each trades to ensure the end result met or exceeded expectations. As a member of the innovative product development team at Albi Homes she honed in on her love for design, and her team was rewarded with multiple Regional and National SAM awards. Bringing both her technical skills and her passion for design, Kat joined Inertia and Gravity in the fall of 2017 and is a welcome addition to our team.

Welcome Kathryn!