Paul Mowat Joins Inertia and Gravity


Paul Mowat has had a well established career in Calgary as an architectural contractor. We’re happy to announce that he has chosen join the team here at Inertia and Gravity.

Paul has over twenty years of experience on a wide range of projects from multi-family, long term care and independent living facilities, low-to-mid rise buildings, commercial, institutional, correctional and custom house design and detailing. His primary focus is on detailing the sequencing of building materials, the building envelope design and barrier membrane continuity and integrity.

In addition, Paul also has extensive contract administration experience having managed building phases 1, 2 & 3 of a long term care and independent living facility in Evanston, Calgary. During the three years on this site he used his expertise in building design to provide guidance to the site supervisor and sub-trades to successfully execute the contract documentation. This was achieved while maintaining quality control and remaining on budget and on time.

In his spare time Paul likes to build rustic custom furniture, barn doors.

Welcome Paul!